Final Fantasy XIII Post-Game Report #1


Managed to beat almost every Missions with 5-star rating. I’m just left with a few Missions now, like the last Titan’s Trial, 2-3 Missions among the ‘circle’ in Archylte Steppe and the final Mission (supposedly only available if I beat the first 63 missions).

But yeah, I can defeat Adamantoise now. I’m still using the ‘Summon’ method though (using Summon ability to down the turtle instantly at the beginning of the battle). And I’m using Sazh method (using his Cold Blood and Blitz abilities) instead of Fang’s Highwind method because I didn’t have Genji’s Glove item (remove 99,999 damage cap). I just got the item after beating Adamantortoise in Mission 63 though.

I thought Adamantortoise would be more powerful than Adamantoise because the name is longer lol. But it turns out Adamantortoise is actually weaker than Adamantoise ^^;

One of the reasons I haven’t cleared all the ‘circle’ missions is because the Adamanchelids and Adamantoises in Archylte Steppe would be replaced by Shao Long Guis and Long Guis, which are supposedly more powerful.

But yeah, I learned the longest grind in this game is Treasure Hunter, where I need to synthesize equipments which basically needs a lot of gil. I’ve read many farming methods and apparently I missed the most efficient one which can only be done on chapter 13 before post-game – -;

Actually, I’m not sure which takes longer – gil farming or CP farming (to max every characters’ Crystarium)… ^^;

I’m seriously considering to farm Adamantoise in Eden for the Platinum Ingots (150,000 gil), 80,000 CP with double-CP accessory, and hopefully a Trapezohedron (need 6 of them), but do it like once a day.

I’ve been doing these ‘small daily progress’ thing with my previous games such as Dead Or Alive 5 (1 Survival attempt each day) Soul Calibur V (10 opponents each day out of 240 opponents in Quick Battles) and Resident Evil 6 (Skill points farm). Especially now that I should receive Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round and God Eater 2 Rage Burst any time (unless the post office screws up again).

This is why I prefer Adamantoise farming method; I can just do it once and get big reward in one-shot (there’s possibility of it not dropping Platinum Ingot though but I still get CP). The other faster methods involve running around small battles.

But yeah, if there’s one thing really amazing (to me) in Final Fantasy XIII, aside from graphics and stuffs – it’s the battle system, which actually has a name and it’s called Command Synergy Battle. I like how it relates to ‘team strategy executions’ in real life X)

I think great battle system has been one of their main focuses since FFX. So in that regard, I’m looking forward playing Final Fantasy XV (previously Versus XIII ^^;) even though it’s (currently) an all-male cast.

I still have Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns though. Shouldn’t look down on spin-off games ^^;

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