Final Fantasy XIII Post-Game Report #2


Managed to 5-star all 64 missions ^^

And gotta say, Adamantoise farming (in Eden) has become routine to me ^^;

I use Fang as leader, then Lightning and Vanille as team members. I’ll outline the method, also as reference for myself if I forget :p

I use the following paradigms:

ENH ENH HLR (default)

Key equipment: Genji glove on Fang.

At the start of battle with ENH ENH HLR, cast Bravera and Haste to Fang, then Faithra and Protectra to both Lightning and Vanille (Lightning automatically cast Haste to herself and Vanille). Then switch to BLA BLA HLR and break the left leg (first default target), then switch to ATK ATK HLR and use Highwind to instantly kill the leg. Switch to BLA BLA HLR, break the right leg, switch to ATK ATK HLR and use Highwind to kill it. Then switch to ENH SAB SAB and cast Bravera and Faithra to Fang, Lightning and Vanille (although they might have some of the buffs, the idea is stick to one set of commands and use repeat function to lessen mental burden). Lightning and Vanille should have cast Deprotect, Deshell and Weak against Adamantoise (if not, wait a little). Switch to BLA BLA BLA, bring the break gauge to 999%, switch to ATK ATK ATK and kill the turtle.

80,000 CP with Growth Egg, About 80-90% chance (my estimate) of getting Platinum Ingot (150,000 gil) with Collector’s Catalogue and the game set to Easy mode (Easy mode will make the Trapezohedron drop rate to 0% though).

But yeah, I’m still left with Dark Matter farming from (Shao Long Gui, need 5 Dark Matters), Crystarium maxing, synthesizing all items and defeating Long Gui -.-;

It’s like I can finally see the end of tunnel, but it’s still in the horizon ^^;


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