Finally, Final Fantasy XIII Platinum


Finally managed to platinum the game today T.T

Prior I had synthesized all weapons and accessories for the Treasure Hunter trophy aside from the ones that require Dark Matter and Trapezohedron (5 and 6 of them, respectively).

I was supposed to be farming Dark Matters today (by defeating Shaolong Gui) but apparently, apparently I have enough money to buy all 5 Dark Matters (4,200,000 gil). So I bought it and synthesized all Dark Matter equipments.

And I used the trick to get all Trapezohedrons. I have enough money for those too.

After synthesizing all weapons and accessories, I talked to the small robot in Oerba Village and received Treasure Hunter trophy. With the trick I am not supposed to save so that I don’t lose my important equipments forever.

So yeah, I bypassed both Dark Matter and Trapezohedron farming. I guess I’m lucky my grinding method was Adamantoise farming, which gives me lots of gil.

The last trophy I needed to get was Adamant Will, which requires me to defeat Long Gui, probably the most powerful enemy in the game. The thing is, it’s just stronger Adamantoise equipped with several more attacks. As long as I equip max Gaian Rings (to defend against Earth-based attacks) and make sure to shift to all Defenders’ paradigm before receiving its attacks, it’s just a push-over. Just like Adamantoise, have to defeat both legs first so that it falls then beat the shit out of it. And just like Adamantoise, it’s all about debuffing the hell out of it and buffing the hell out of my party, lol.

But yeah, I finally platinum-ed the game. PSN Trophy Leaders stated that I did so in 3 years and 28 days ^^;

I could immediately jump to Final Fantasy XIII-2 or other RPG games, but for now it’s time to celebrate X)

Actually it’s more like I have work tomorrow and it’s too late to start anything new now… ^^;

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