Starting Final Fantasy XIII-2


So yeah, I’ve decided to start Final Fantasy XIII-2, even though I could’ve played God Eater 2 Rage Burst ^^;

I’ve held off playing FFXIII-2 for so long because I never completed FFXIII. Now that I finally completed FXIII, it feels like a door has opened… ^^;

I hope I can finish this before Final Fantasy Type-0 HD releases (less than 2 weeks’ time). But if not, no biggie I’m still going to take my time and finish FFXIII-2 before starting Type-0 HD (Type-0 HD is also an offline experience anyway).

It seems with FFXIII-2 they tried to give players what they didn’t get in FFXIII (dialogue choices, talking to NPCs, backtracking), which are not necessarily good things to me -.-;

At least the movement & camera feel smooth & nice now. FFXIII one were kinda slow and unresponsive -.-; (though I kinda get why they’re doing it that way… to make the linear maps feel more special)

The new Crystarium system seems simple at first but apparently one could maximize either the character’s attack or magic stat by purposefully choosing the right Role upgrades on the ‘big’ nodes (which give definite stat bonuses) (so it’s a system where you could screw up -.-;). I’m following the Piggyback guide but at least I understand the mechanics behind it (unlike last time when I was totally clueless ^^;)

The Monsters and how I can also upgrade them in Crystarium is another thing to worry about. For now I’ll just pick a few Monsters to upgrade, then I’ll consult a guide at later date for ‘top-tier’ ones -.-;

But I’ve at least reached further than my previous playthrough (I stopped at chapter 2, I’m at the start of chapter 3 now).

As for GE2RB, it’s a coop game, so I have this (rather selfish) thought that the longer I hold off playing this game, the more powerful other online players who are going to help me are going to be… ^^;

But yeah, finally a release date for Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain X) I’ve done the fastest preorder as far as I can remember (on Special Edition)


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