Final Fantasy XIII-2 Progress Report #1 (Serah Appreciation ^^;)


Apparently in this game I can reach Archylte Steppe early; Archylte Steppe was an area in Final Fantasy XIII where the game began to ‘open up’; it’s a huge and vast area. The Archylte Steppe in this game is kinda different… it’s smaller. Nevertheless, it still has a lot of enemies, quests and Fragments, and probably some of the enemies are only beatable after the main game.

But yeah, I might be stuck for a while in this area until I decide to move forward with the story, which is why I think it’s a good time to take a break and write a report ^^;

Despite the unforgiving Crystarium system where one can easily ‘screw up’ the character & monster development, I’m liking the game so far.

Graphics wise, I like how different areas have different ‘hues’ (tones?) and ‘ambient’ effects on the screen, which are more aggressive in variety than FFXIII as far as I remember. The music with accompanying vocals are also nice (it kinda reminds me of Persona 4 and a bit of FFX).

But most of all I enjoy controlling Serah. I like how she kind of ‘rolls’ when changing direction (I might be referring to yaws or pitches, not sure ^^;), and I enjoy all the little things she does when running such wiping sweat on her forehead, getting fixated on certain objects etc. Her run is also different when she is on inclined surfaces (she’s a civilian unlike Lightning after all). I applaud the developers’ efforts on this one; they could’ve given her standard movements, but they made her movements much more interesting and pleasant to look at.


Serah also has my ideal female body which is rather petite (in contrast to ‘well-endowed’ types, but not flat-chested either). Her costume’s color scheme (white, pink, gold plus gray gloves) with her fair skin is pleasant to look at. She has most of costume design elements I like which are: 1) sleveless shirt 2) gloves 3) thigh highs. I don’t dislike side tail hairstyle either. I generally prefer the gameplay model than the CG renders though. But yeah, I don’t really see the point of getting the DLC costumes, even the swimsuit one ^^;

Her bow weapon which can transform to sword is also very cool. It’s not a gunblade; it’s a bowblade :p

So yeah, on one hand I want to beat this game and move on to the next game to complete my backlog. But on one hand I want to play this game slowly so that I can keep looking at her… ^^; (And I do know what kinda happens at the end of the game, since the opening of Lightning Returns which I play for a bit kinda spoiled it… -.-;)

p.s. It’s not like I don’t like Noel either; I think he is very cool-looking and has a nice costume, which is simple but cool. I also like the way he interacts with other people, like how he admits it when he lacks knowledge, yet he is confident, rational and not easily intimidated.


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