Final Fantasy XIII-2 Progress Report #2: Done With Main Story


Managed to beat the story of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

I kinda understand now why Lightning Returns (the third game) was imminent. I see a big ‘To Be Continued…’ text on the screen 0.o;

It makes me want to continue straight to Lightning Returns now >.< … to find out about the conclusion of the conclusion >_<

But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, since I’m ‘trophically’ not done with this game – I think I’m left with… unlocking all Paradox endings and the rest of the Fragments, defeating all monsters at least once (for a Fragment), defeating post-game strong enemies, maxing Serah and Noel, 100 consecutive Preemptive Strikes (stupid Beasts, Demons, Orions and Dragoons tend to break the chain)… and the Casino thing.

Not sure how long this will take -_-; but probably not as long as Final Fantasy XIII post-game, seeing how in PSN Trophy Leaders, this game is hovering around the bottom of my game list when sorted in Difficulty (ignoring the visual novels).

Not only that, gameplay-wise I might not like Lightning Returns… it’s supposedly ‘open-world’, ‘time-based’ and… last I remember, the battle system is pretty different than either FFXIII or FFXIII-2 (this time Lightning is supposedly fighting alone, after all).

And I should receive Final Fantasy Type-0 HD this week if not early next week (unless stupid postman acts up again…). So yeah, not sure after I’m done with FFXIII-2, whether I should move on to Lightning Returns or jump to Final Fantasy Type-0…

Hype-wise (as with any new release) it would be Type-0 HD… But then again, it’s an offline game which I could take my sweet time beating.

And the week after Type-0 HD is the release of Senran Kagura Estival Versus… And I don’t think one week is sufficient for either Lightning Returns or Type-0 HD >.< (first world problem lol ^^;)

Anyway, I like the music in this game X) Upon further investigation, my favorite music turns out to be Noel’s Theme ~The Last Travel~ (I was expecting it to be Farseer’s theme or something… ^^;):

There are more music I like but… it’s hard to identify the music when there are so many >.<

And I think I like FFXIII-2 better than the first game… mostly because of the controls, the music, Serah and Noel (and less downright-cheesy scenes).

If they ever remaster FFXIII on PS4 (not a stretch actually…), it would be nice if they could inject FFXIII-2 controls into the first game (but it’s not like I’m going to play FFXIII again… one time is enough ^^;)


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