Final Fantasy XIII-2 Platinum + Miracle Girls Festival


Managed to platinum the game just in time for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD X)

Well, not quite, since Type-0 HD hasn’t arrived yet and who knows if my post office is acting up again -_-

There were some grinds (7,777 casino coins from slot machine for Lucky Coin fragment, winning 10,000 casino coins for Serendipitous trophy, 100 Preemptive Strikes in a row for Clock Stopper trophy, 100% Bestiary) and I did them over the course of several nights. But yeah, overall the p0st-game wasn’t as bad as Final Fantasy XIII.

Although I must say, most of the Paradox Endings and the Secret Ending were rather unsatisfying -.-;

But yeah, in terms of Final Fantasy XIII series, I’m left with Lightning Returns. Though it’s too late to start now ^^;

On the news, Sega is coming up with a Vita rhythm game utilizing Project Diva gameplay that doesn’t feature Hatsune Miku and vocaloids, but instead various anime series. It’s called Miracle Girls Festival and one of the featured anime series I’m excited about (though without any screenshot yet) is Wake Up, Girls!

Although Wake Up, Girls! shares the spot with other anime series in this game, at least it now will have a (non-mobile) game just like Idolm@ster and LoveLive!

I’m pretty sure they would feature this particular song:

The question is can they render all the 7 girls at once? And to be ‘accurate’, they might have to do the skirt ‘physics’ ^^;

But yeah, I’m not sure how many songs each anime series are given (I would say about 3-4) and how many outfits they will have (with so many characters, I think they’re lucky to have two each ^^;)

Unfortunately it seems the game won’t feature Hanayamata, unless the line-up is not yet full. I thought it would be a better fit than some of the featured anime series ^^;

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