Starting Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (And Stopping Soon ^^;)


Didn’t have much time so I only played a bit each day since Friday, but managed to reach chapter 3 X)

My impressions so far: It’s a PSP game, alright… with all the ‘gameplay mechanics’ that seem fitting for portable game system. It reminds me of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, for example.

It seems they replaced the playable characters with high-quality models… The problem is they don’t necessarily look better -_-”

Gameplay so far is nice… though I think they add too many gameplay systems >.<

The characters are also unique to one another. Gameplay wise I like Jack, who moves slowly when he unsheathes his weapon, but his weapon is a samurai sword that deals the biggest damage. Another would be Eight (the fist fighter).

I wish to like Deuce (the flute girl) but I don’t really understand how she plays… Am I supposed to hold the square button and hope the musical notes randomly hit the enemy at the right time for the one-hit kill? ^^; Gameplay wise I’m more at home with Queen (spectacle), Sice (scythe) and Seven (Lightning look-a-like).

But I guess I’m gonna stop playing this game soon, since I paid for Senran Kagura Estival Versus and it should arrive by Friday if not next week ^^;

Don’t think I’m gonna play them side-by-side… unless Estival Versus is really brain-dead :p


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