Senran Kagura Estival Versus – First Impressions

閃乱カグラ ESTIVAL VERSUS -少女達の選択-_20150330220152

Got the game last Friday and I’ve been playing it since ^^ (although I can only play a few hours on weekdays due to work -_-“)

First of all, the fact that I’m playing Senran Kagura on ‘big screen’ in 1080p and (mostly) 60fps is surreal. I guess choosing the PS4 version was the right choice; it’s not a game I would be playing in public anyway ^^; The series started from a ‘peephole’ called Nintendo 3DS with unremarkable frame rate, so it has grown since ^^

Now you can play as anyone in any mission after it’s cleared for the first time. The clear ranking is also shared among every characters now. So theoretically I don’t have to grind as much to ‘complete’ the game. But now there are 2 Hard difficulties, which I haven’t tried yet in later missions. I guess someday I’ll find out how interesting getting the best ranking in these difficulties are… ^^;

I’m kinda confused with the ranking though. Sometimes there’s a blue 脱 icon attached but I don’t know what I did to fulfill its condition; I don’t even know if it means a good or bad thing ^^;

There are hidden ‘mini towers’ throughout the missions (although they tell you how many there are in mission select screen) that when destroyed will eventually unlock individual character’s ‘Arcade’ mode and other stuffs.

They ‘rebalanced’ the gameplay this time around, to some detriment of the fun I expect from Shinovi Versus. They made the characters move slower overall (even though they’re supposed to be ninjas -_-;), and they made the moves less cancelable to block or dash (I always thought the cancel-happy and ’emergency escape’ aspects to be part of Shinovi Versus charm). Many characters can’t combo from short dash any more that I would use long dash instead.

The aerial clash thing seems to have been removed, replaced by a ‘wall attack’, which can be used as a revenge move if the enemy knocks you to the wall.

Now a partner can come into the mission as well (although it seems to be on a mission basis and you can’t set it freely), and you can do a tag mid-air ‘punishment’.

The costume break system has also been simplified, again losing some of Shinovi Versus ‘charm’. Now there are special ‘Puru Puru finishes’, but all you need to do is to defeat the enemy near an area (that is clearly marked in the map with ‘!’ icon).

Also, the third special attack (which uses up 5 ninja scrolls) no longer has low health requirement.

All in all, the game is still fun, but I feel somehow it’s not as fun as Shinovi Versus because it’s ‘less broken’ and some portions have been adjusted to become simpler (I guess it’s partly for the sake of multiplayer). Now I kinda wish they would do a HD remake of Shinovi Versus with the gameplay system untouched ^^;

閃乱カグラ ESTIVAL VERSUS -少女達の選択-_20150328211413

My favorite new character is probably Kafuru (the girl in the middle) because of her personality ^^; Though I also like Renka (left) because she is very ‘energetic’.

But yeah, I’m gonna take my time playing this game instead of just rushing to clear it X) Now the story is still at the funny part, which can enlighten one’s mood after a day of work ^^

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