Hatsune Miku Project mirai 2: Electric Love All Perfect

You know how a music would just start playing in your head all of a sudden? In my case this morning, it’s Hatsune Miku’s Electric Love. I didn’t even like this song when I first heard of it (when it ‘debuted’, it was promoted with some iOS app, discoverable if you searched for Hatsune Miku in App Store). But I kinda grew fond of it since then.

Electric Love is one of Hatsune Miku songs I wish were in Project Diva series but ended up being in Project mirai series for 3DS (the other being Cendrillon). The creator, Hachiouji-P is also known for Sweet Devil, which is featured in Project Diva F.

After I got home, I opened up Project mirai 2 again and perfected all its modes and difficulties:


Gotta say, I kinda like going back to games for reasons like this, where I don’t feel burdened to complete a game; I just want to ‘satisfy a craving’, be it nostalgia or appreciation of certain song, character etc. And I think rhythm games have sort of advantage in this regard because there is not a lot to remember to ‘get back into the game’ ^^;

But yeah, the ‘complete version’ of Project mirai 2, called Project mirai DX or whatever is coming this May… -_-” (if I knew about it, I would’ve waited, I think). Not sure if I’m going to buy it or not, I’m not even close to finishing Project mirai 2 ^^;

Not forgetting the ‘various anime line-ups’ rhythm game with Project Diva gameplay, Miracle Girls Festival is coming (hopefully) this year. I’m watching one of the featured anime, YuruYuri, just to find out what it’s about, and so far I’m liking it X)


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