Senran Kagura Japanese Mission Rankings

Today for some reason I took the trouble to learn how the mission rankings in Senran Kagura are pronounced in Japanese ^^;

閃乱カグラ ESTIVAL VERSUS -少女達の選択-_20150404225331

The ranking (rating) itself is 評価(ひょうか)


優(ゆう)Excellent. You might know this if you watch The Irregular at Magic High School (I don’t, but I kinda knew about the series) where the character Miyuki is a 優等生(ゆうとうせい)which means ‘honor student’.

Another interesting trivia is that there is actually a na-adjective 優秀(ゆうしゅう)(combination of above 2 rankings!) which means excellent.


可(か)Okay, Passable

脱(だつ)The additional ranking that you get in Estival Versus if you manage to tear every enemies’ clothes… ^^;


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