Project Diva Is Fun & Waiting For Neptune Victory II

Today (or yesterday) I managed to perfect another Extreme song in Project Diva f, MEGANE:

And I’m now left with 12 Extreme songs (9 if I don’t count F additional songs).

Although I’m not really aiming to perfect my remaining Extreme songs now. What I found is that it’s not enough to perfect them once; I might be just lucky that one time. So I’m just going back to the songs that I like and attempt to perfect their Extremes again (and hopefully consistently):

But if I were to crack another Extreme Perfect from my remaining list, I think Summer Idol and Sweet Devil are doable…

The reason I started playing rhythm games again is because I’m now waiting for Neptune Victory II, which is due on 23th April (next/this week!). So it’s kinda too late to start games like Final Fantasy Type-0 HD where there are a lot of things to keep in mind (which I would probably forget all about them when I return to the game once I’m done with Neptune VII).

At first I was playing Project mirai 2, but in the end, I think Project Diva series is just more fun ^^;

Project Diva series to me is the best rhythm game; it’s simple and intuitive (it’s like singing with your thumbs!) yet challenging (especially the dual-wielding part). I tried other rhythm games such as K-On! and Idolm@ster Shiny Festa, but I can’t just click with them (though I did complete K-On!).

So yeah, I found out that not all rhythm games are equal; which is why I haven’t bought Senran Kagura Bon Appetit and the Love Live! games. I’m not even sure if I’m going to buy Project mirai Deluxe; the international version of Project mirai 2 with JUST one new song (and the songs that used to use original PV are all converted to 3D PV – for better or worse).

I also watched the upcoming IA/VT -COLORFUL- game’s latest trailer (after it was supposedly significantly reworked):

And I saw how the notes can travel through different paths and may reach different destinations and… I don’t know, why make things so complicated? -.- Afraid to be sued by Sega? ^^;

I’m even wary of Persona 4 Dancing All Night…

But I’ll buy it just for the characters ^^;

But yeah, I’m glad that Sega expanded Project Diva gameplay to another upcoming game and that is Miracle Girls Festival, which will feature various anime series:

I decided that I’ll watch all the anime featured in this game (at a rate of one episode a day) just so that I’m not lost when the game is released lol ^^;

And I just finished watching YuruYuri season 1. Really funny stuff. Now not sure if I should continue to season 2 or watch the other anime first ^^;


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