Neptune Victory II First Impressions

Got the game last Friday and, I must say I’ve been enjoying the game so far X)

I’m in no hurry to finish the game; I’d like to enjoy the funny scenes and conversations to the fullest. That’s why I don’t play the game for long hours in one go either; when I play game for long hours, I tend to grow impatient and speed up the event parts.

I like the refined gameplay systems. I think either the developers have lived with the series for so long they finally discovered how to improve the systems, or they just hired a smart game designer to fix their existing systems. That’s how it feels like to me ^^;

Now, customizing the combo seems to pay dividends. Old weapons can still be useful due to the combo system. The Formation Skill system where the characters have to surround the enemy to activate is interesting as well.

There’s a new type of boss battle, and while it appears to be a gimmick at first, it actually feels fresh to the series. Basically the characters can’t perform normal attacks, so they can only use Skills (and the MP regenerates every turn in this battle type). And of course, the Formation Skill can still be used.

And I think I just heard one of the most epic music tracks that could’ve come from Neptune series in one of the boss battles… 0.o

They divided the game into three parts, and I’m still in the first part. Right now the system is just nice to me, but I’m pretty sure on the second part they’re going to open up more subsystems and mini games, and then it might be not so nice anymore… ^^;

The game runs on 60fps almost all the time… until they make sakura leaves fall in one of the stages… Ah well… ^^;

And gotta say I like the new goddess Orange Heart very much X)


But yeah, I can say this game is  really a step forward for the series in terms of gameplay X)

Although I’m prepared if they threw a curveball and made her the final boss of the game T-T (just my guess, I don’t check spoilers or anything…)

So yeah, until next time!


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