Neptune Victory II King Silver Bug + Grind

In chapter 2 now and discovered a game-crashing bug ^^;

In Sakuranami map, there’s a rare enemy that you can only encounter by starting battle with pink slime near a rabbit.

(If you don’t see this enemy, just escape from battle and then trigger the battle again)

This enemy is quite powerful on a single-person party. If you try to run away from the battle when this enemy is around, or if it runs away because of low health…

The game will crash! 0.o (at least consistently with my PS4)

However, this enemy also gives 15,000 exp when beaten… O.o

So to avoid crash, just make every characters use skills on it when the battle starts and beat it before it can take any action.

But yeah, it takes a short time to raise the characters to around level 40 by grinding this enemy (with a risk of crash). After beating it, I just ‘eject’ from the map, save, and repeat.

Anyway, still in the beginning of chapter 2.

Apparently they divide the story into 4 parts, one starring each Goddess, and we get to choose who to play first.

Personally I want to play Noire first, but I decided to just do it left-to-right and picked Neptune ^^;

And the gameplay subsystems are coming out. I’m fine so far, but one problem is how do I know if there is nothing more worth searching in a particular map (with the traveler system)? ^^; The hidden treasures are labeled and it seems one dungeon unlocks another dungeon. But I’m not sure how many travelers I can unlock per map (or is it just random?). One traveler even managed to find a rare item that I can only have one copy of it in inventory… 0.o

Hopefully they don’t make us do annoying stuffs to unlock things with the share system… ^^;


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