iPad mini 2 Retina Display spoiled

I was reading manga while all of a sudden the LCD went wonky, producing ‘ribbon effect’. I tried a lot of things, such as resetting, knocking the back of the iPad, dropping it on a carpet 0.o but nothing works.

I guess this is what I get when I buy a product on launch. The first batch will most likely have hardware problems (my Retina MacBook Pro included, although minor) -.-;

Apparently it’s possible to go to a repair shop and replace the LCD, which I anticipate to be around 200SGD.

But I’m saving the money and just take out my old iPad 2, which fortunately I didn’t sell or even throw away. It surprisingly still works and can even be updated to the latest iOS 8.3, and so I can use all my apps and read manga again ^^;

Now I gotta deal with iPad 2’s heavier weight. But I also kinda miss the larger 9.7 inch iPad screen compared to 7.9 inch for iPad mini. iPad 2 screen is not Retina therefore it’s a bit pixelated but I don’t mind it so much (just like 3DS XL). It’s kinda annoying when there’s a small text and it’s too pixelated to read and I have to zoom though ^^;

New iPad is on the horizon anyway, and my iPad mini 2 getting spoiled makes it a good reason to upgrade. But I may get unlucky if I buy on launch again… ^^; so maybe even if the new iPad(s) are released, I should wait for 3 months before buying.

But yeah, I think I’m addicted to iPad… ^^;

Giving up caffeine & milk

I have been drinking coffee everyday and I’m now thinking to prevent these two substances: caffeine & milk, from entering my body. I’m on my 4th day now ^^;

I think once in a while it’s still okay, like in social situations where me and my friends go to StarBucks or are trying out a new yogurt place. But I won’t consume them on normal days.

Watching Nyaruko Anime

As part of my plan to watch all anime featured in Miracle Girls Festival at a rate of one episode a day, I finished watching Yuru Yuri and now on Nyaruko.

Gotta say I’m not that interested with this series though, that sometimes I skip a day or two watching it. I guess it’s a love it or hate it kind of series. It depends whether you like Nyaruko character(s) etc.

Neptune VII

I was at the beginning of the second part of the game when I stopped playing. I was playing it but was interrupted with an overseas trip, and after I returned, I haven’t really picked up playing any game again ^^;

Rereading Umineko Manga

For some reason I feel like reading the manga again ^^ Buying the whole manga is actually quite expensive since there are 8 Episodes and each Episode can span 4-9 volumes and each volume is like 600 yen (you can try doing the math ^^;). So the 2 PS3 games that cover the 8 Episodes are actually a cheaper investment, although of course some things are depicted more interestingly in the manga (and Episode 8 manga contains new story).

So I resorted to scanlations ^^; In scanlation progress, they’ve completed Episodes 1-6. They’re up to volume 4 of Episode 7 (this Episode has 9 volumes) and they’re more ahead with Episode 8 (up to volume 7).

But yeah, Umineko manga should end this year. Episodes 1-7 are completed and there should be 1-2 volumes left for Episode 8 (the release rate is 4 months and the latest volume was released in April, so next volumes are in August and December). If Episode 8 has 3 volumes to go then it might go to 2016.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it… ^^;


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