DOA5LR, using Lisa while personally wanting to use Marie Rose/Honoka ^^;

A few of Japanese PS4 games I bought gave free 15-day trial PS Plus subscription coupons, and one was expiring on 18th of May, so I used it on 17th of May (There was PSN shortage around that time but thank god it was fixed soon) ^^;

But yeah, I finally could play some multiplayer on PS4 :p

Because it’s only 15 days, I’m thinking that I should clean up DOA5 LR online trophies while I can.

And I’ve gotten all of them except the 100 online matches trophy now.

I could do some ‘cheat’ so that I don’t have to be actively playing the matches, but nah – this time I’ll get the trophies legit. At least made the money I spent on the game more worth it. And it’s not like there’s a shortage of online players currently and it’s only 100 matches – not 1000, unlike the original DOA5 ^^;

But yeah, actually I want to try using Honoka or Marie Rose, but I end up using Lisa most of the time in online matches. Even though I’m not a big fan of her as a character. You know why? Because back then when I tried to clear all Survival courses in the original DOA5 (and I actually succeeded; got my Platinum), I used among various methods the ‘Lisa method’, and I’ve been repeating her particular combo over and over until my body has completely memorized it, lol (as the say, practice technically doesn’t make perfect – ‘practice makes permanent’). And this particular combo kind of rules; high priority move that generally beats opponent moves when they attack around the same time, and not many players know how to counter it.

If I fight the same player again and I know he/she is not that good (sorry ^^;), I change my character in this order: Lisa > Hitomi (good beginner & easy to use character in my opinion) > Kokoro (didn’t have DOA4; was my main since the 3DS version & original DOA5)

So yeah, personally I want to learn using Marie Rose and/or Honoka… ^^; But then I also want to clear 100 matches trophy before my PS Plus trial subscription ends. And I don’t want to be just punching bags in online matches for using them while I still don’t know how to play them either… ^^;

This seems to be a good combo guide for Marie Rose:

Marie Rose and Honoka don’t seem to be overpowered characters unlike Lisa, Hayabusa, Ayane and Hitomi (in my opinion, and I rarely find high-level play videos of them winning) so I’m not even sure if learning them is worth it (personally) other than fun. And it’s kinda hard to let go playing as Lisa when I already have some grasp of the character (thanks to my experience in original DOA5 Survival Master) ^^;

It’s kinda like in Tekken series; I want to learn other characters such as Xiaoyu and Lili but I’ve been using Law since Tekken 2, and Law is kinda overpowered (imo) especially in Tekken 4 and 5. Even though I took off a bit with Lili in Tekken 5 DR & 6, in online matches I tend to revert back to Law. Looking back, I don’t really play the fighting game characters I want to play ^^;


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