Project mirai Deluxe

So yeah, in the end I decided to just get the definitive version of Project mirai 2, Project mirai Deluxe:

This game is supposed to be the ‘international’ version of the game, but ironically, it still comes to Japan first, to be followed by other parts of the world months later.

It only adds one song, but I replaces 12 song PVs, which were originally using the original PVs, into 3D PVs that are in line with the rest of the songs.

First thing I did when I got the game is to use the preorder bonus theme code and download the theme. I only updated my 3DS firmware recently and signed up for the Nintendo Network ID, so it’s my first theme. It’s a nice theme, and even comes with background music.

Since I downloaded the demo and used the save data tool, all the songs with the exception of the last song and the new song are unlocked immediately. I also started with max money, but it seems I have to unlock and purchase the costumes and items again.

I tried all 12 songs with new PVs, and gotta say, I like most of them. They’re more faithful to the original PVs than say Project Diva, so it’s like 3D remakes of the PVs. I didn’t like Matroshka original PV but the new 3D PV has made it bearable (it became from creepy to cool creepy cute).

I think the only PV they couldn’t capture the ‘essence’ was Arifureta Sekai Seifuku, but it’s understandable. Having a PV where the girl’s head ‘explodes’ into giant creepy insect stuff is a tall order to replicate in cute games like this.

I think they did well with Matroshka though.

The game now has the equivalent of Project Diva’s Help Items and Challenge Items, but they require game coins (you know, where you have to walk 1000 steps to earn 10 coins a day).

Also, they made the gameplay more customizable. First thing I did is to change the touch panel of the Touch Mode. In Project mirai 2, Normal difficulty touch panel colors from left to right are blue red. Then in Hard, they’re blue red yellow. So red changed from the right color to the center color. To me I prefer the Hard touch panel colors to be blue yellow red to preserve the memory that blue=left and red=right from Normal, and that’s what I can and do set in Deluxe. Needless to say, I still need to adjust coming from Project mirai 2, but I think it’ll be worth it (until I returned to Project mirai 2 to complete my remaining stuffs in that game, that is).

The game also has various small small additions. One of the foods we can give Miku is steak 0.o Besides Puyo Puyo, we can play Othello with the characters now. There’s also an airport where Miku can go ‘overseas’, but I haven’t tried it yet (though because of the save transferthing, I was awarded with 1 plane ticket).

I still haven’t unlocked the new song though. It seems I need to clear all the other songs first (they should just unlock it when I cleared all the songs with new PVs… -.-)


2 thoughts on “Project mirai Deluxe

  1. Marcus Medeiros

    Did you actually played the Reversi/Othello game? Can you share how we can unlock this? I’ve bought this game on japanese eShop but I don’t know how to unlock/play the reversi game.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Helu Post author

      Yes, iirc just tap on the large character icon (communication mode). Once you called the character, the reversi will be the selection on the center.


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