A week (or two?) of Kancolle X)

These past few days I have been playing nothing but Kancolle (Kantai Collection)… It’s pretty sad, but my PS4 has been collecting dust because of this free PC browser game… ^^;

One demon gate passed

Just managed to break through World 2-4, which is supposed to be a ‘demon gate’ (don’t know the English equivalent of this) for beginners. I had to train my characters, learned deeper about the gameplay mechanics and kept on trying. Maybe it was also just that I managed to get through as well.

But yeah, the feeling when I finally beat 2-4 was very satisfying (you know, raised hands, shouted YES! and stuffs ^^;)

Getting through World 2-4 is also desirable because the no.1 leveling spot is supposedly just up ahead (World 3-2).

Shipgirl Collection

And I have also collected quite a number of girls… about 90 of them (plus or minus some important duplicates). Maybe eventually I would have to upgrade the max slots of 100 (10 extra slots for 1000yen -.-).

Unfortunately I still haven’t gotten these notable girls:

Kaga and Hiryuu (have gotten Akagi and Souryuu)
– Shoukaku and Zuikaku
– Nagato and Mutsu
Kirishima (have gotten Kongou and the rest of the sisters)
– Shimakaze (have gotten Yukikaze)
– Ooi (have gotten Kitakami)
Fusou (have gotten Yamashiro)
Ise (have gotten Hyuuga)
– I-58 and I-19 (gotten I-168 and I-8)

Edit: gotta say, I’m pretty lucky today. I have gotten Kaga, Kirishima (so Kongou sisters are complete just like that), Fusou and Ise X)

But yeah, I have gotten all Myoukou sisters and Takao-class ships (Atago, Takao, Maya and Choukai), Hiyou class light carriers and Ryuujou, for example.

After getting the remaining girls I guess I should try Large Ship Construction (take a lot of resources) to get characters such as Yamato, Musashi and Taihou.

Personally I don’t have a favorite girl… yet. I’m just glad when I get one more of the notable characters ^^

There’s supposedly an event starting on June 12. But I don’t think I’m ready for it yet… ^^;

An incentive to wake up early

Kantai Collection’s daily quests are reset at 5am (4am in my local time).

And I have a full-time job and… ironically, since I want to complete some daily quests before I go to work, I end up waking 30mins to 1 hour early ^^;

Parallels Access

I tweeted about this app that allows me to connect to my MacBook Pro on iPad, and use the Mac OS X programs as if they’re mobile apps.

The trial period has ended and in the end I decided to get a 1-year subscription, which is $19.99. Is it a lot? Well $19.99 / 365 days = 5 cents a day. So not really.

But yeah, with this app, I can just connect to my MacBook Pro on my iPad and start playing Kantai Collection with touchscreen. The MacBook Pro can even have the lid closed (as long as it’s connected to a power source and connected to an external monitor, regardless whether the monitor is powered or not).

I can even play on my iPhone (tested it outside) though the screen is too small (I have iPhone 5s which is only 4 inch, maybe I should upgrade to 5.5 inch one ^^;). But the data usage might be a lot… ^^; and I made a decision never to play at work (like go to toilet and stuffs). When at work, I like to be focused on my work :p

It is also surprisingly good enough to watch videos from my MacBook (my initial use case was reading PC visual novel on my iPad, so I have at least 3 use cases now).

Another way to play Kantai Collection mobile would be to get Windows 8.1 tablet (I think 8-inch is enough). But yeah, I don’t feel like owning yet another computing device… ^^;


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