Recently… (Kancolle ^^;)

Reaching max ship slot

I’ve collected about 97 ships… and the max slot is 100 -.-;
Apparently I can upgrade the max slots by 10 (to 110) if I were to pay 1,000 yen.
So yeah, I have to make decision soon whether I would pay money for the game, or continue playing for free (by deleting some ships; some of the destroyer ships are cannon-fodder and rarely featured in the spin-off medias).

But If I were to pay, it would be my first time paying for Kancolle.
To tell you the truth, I don’t mind paying for this game (even though, you know, I could play this game for free but pay for the other media such as manga and music). It’s just that when this type of online game ends their service, the money would go to the drain with no proof to show it (i.e. you can’t even go the game just as a gallery to see the cards you’ve collected).

But I don’t see Kancolle and Love Live! for iOS ending their service anytime soon… ^^;
But yeah, if I were to start paying for Kancolle, I would need to devise some personal system to ensure I don’t overspend… (maybe 100 yen a day?)

Not even sure if DMM accepts non-Japanese debit cards… ^^;

First max modernization

The first ship I managed to modernize (combine with other ships) to the max is Akagi Kai:


Still can level her up to max the stats that can’t be increased by modernizing. But maybe I should devote my attention to some other ship… ^^;

I have somewhat more affection toward aircraft carriers. I guess it’s because they’re depicted rather epic-ly in the anime.

Remaining notable ships to collect

Still haven’t gotten these ships:

001 002 009 010 019 amarecco0001

And so far I still only have 2 submarines. Supposedly I-58 is common but I haven’t gotten her yet.

The rest like Yamato or Taihou which require Large Ship Construction, and others that are Event-based is something that I can attempt to get in the future.


Decided to strip away all ships’ equipments as long as they’re not used for sortie (otherwise, good equipments might be hidden in unused ships).

Have gotten the Saiun plane, which can avoid disadvantageous engagement. Also have gotten some other rare planes on the way while trying to get this plane.

I have also gotten 2 pairs of sonar and depth charges, which are useful against submarines. But I think I need a few more of these ^^;

First medal

Managed to beat level 1-5 boss 4 times and get the first medal (and unlocked 1-6).

I couldn’t get to the boss node at first until I read the wiki, which recommended me to use Light Aircraft Carrier, Aviation Battleship and 2 Light Cruisers (preferably good against submarines like Isuzu and Yura, equipped with anti-submarine equipments above).

Supposedly I can exchange 4 of these medals for a remodel blueprint. But for now I don’t need it yet.

Kancolle and OS X El Capitan

Yeah, I actually have Apple Developer Program membership and so I can download the beta of latest Mac OS X.

The latest Mac OS X introduces fullscreen side-by-side view. So I usually play like this:


Where on the left is Google Chrome (supposedly better at playing Kancolle) and on the right is Safari for the guides and references (I use Safari coz I want the bookmarks to synchronize with my other iOS devices).

And generally, the new OS X is very fast and smooth. I think it’s because under the hood they changed the low level graphics library from OpenGL to their own Metal ^^


Yeah, I guess I’ll be playing Kancolle for a little more while… ^^;


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