The era of cheap wireless bluetooth earphones is upon us

Back when I thought it was a good idea to buy wireless earphones so that I don’t have to deal with tangled wires, I went into a shop and saw a hefty price tag of at least $150 for wireless bluetooth earphones 0.o

Needless to say, I gave up on the idea.

Fast forward to the present, one can now get a (good enough) quality wireless bluetooth earphones for $29.99 0.o (and cheaper in some countries)

The earphones I bought is called Soundpeats QY7

Here’s its Amazon page: . 4/5 stars out of 4,000+ reviews.

Here are various video reviews from YouTube:


I myself have bought it and gotta say I’m happy with it X)

If there’s one small complaint, it would be that the cable (between the two earbuds) is a little too long. The cable is an arm’s length but I think it should be a half if not 3/4. I think they make the cable this long so that you can take off the earphones and still ‘wear them’ around your neck. But yeah, it’s kind of ugly.


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