KanColle Diary 25/06/15

Managed to get Ooi from 2-4-1

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 23.07.47

This also means that I can ‘graduate’ my leveling spot from 2-4-1 to 3-2-1, which gives more EXP and ironically safer and easier for the ships.

She’s my 100th unique ship and therefore I had hit the max number of slots.

I’ve been thinking about it for some time and I have decided to spend 1,000 yen to get 10 extra slots. I’ve confirmed that it’s possible to purchase DMM points without Japanese credit cards.

I might look foolish for spending money on online card game, but yeah…

In the past, I argued that the problem with these online games is that when they end service, our money goes down the drain. But then I think, ‘what about the arcade?’ and I kind of realize that yeah, we’re spending our money for the experience, not really for proof of purchase or anything.

And I gotta say, KanColle has been pretty fun for me. Plus it’s augmented by various other media such as anime and manga.

Now that I’ve started paying for KanColle, I will be controlling my budget so that I don’t overspend. I give myself 100 yen a day budget. So at minimum I can only spend money on KanColle 10 days later.

Speaking of remaining ships that I should’ve gotten by now but I don’t, 4 come in mind:


After getting these 4, I think I can start doing Large Ship Construction, rare drop hunts and events in earnest (but I don’t think I will be ready for events for a while…)


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