Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Got the limited edition this Friday.


I don’t usually buy limited edition but… for some reason I got it for this game.

(I preordered the limited edition way before they announced that they were including swimsuit DLC into the limited edition, so yeah that’s not the reason… ^^;)

The limited edition is actually smaller than I thought. The package basically just fits the game package with OST CD. Supposedly the OST is full OST, that if they were to release OST for this game in the future, the content would be the same. So buying the limited edition is essentially buying the game plus OST early, and for supposedly cheaper.

I played the game and gotta say, wow the graphics are nice. Yet I never feel any frame rate drop (I guess this being rhythm game, they don’t have to worry about collision and physics and all those stuffs).

Not only that, this is actually the first time Persona 4 characters are rendered in 3D (It’s true that in the main game like Persona 4 Golden they’re rendered in 3D but those are their deformed version. In the fighting game spin-off, they’re 2D sprites obviously).

There are many unlockable costumes too, like their original costumes from the main game. So far I’m okay with the new costumes introduced in this game, but playing with their original, ‘signature’ costumes are nice too.

As for the rhythm gameplay, it’s pretty fun. One thing for sure, it’s a different experience than Project Diva. I think it’s similar to one of those ‘circular’ rhythm games in arcade, but this one is simpler. Actually, I think they purposely made this game simple as a base for possible sequels, just like the first Project Diva.

Although, I feel that to get the perfect timing I have to press earlier than what I thought.

As for the story mode (yes, this rhythm game has actual, quite full-bodied, story mode), they really write the hell out of of why Persona 4 characters are dancing with Shadow audiences 0.o

I haven’t completed the story mode, but so far it’s in the torturous part that is very ‘pattern-y’ which is being repeated for at least 4 times. I’m on the last repetition now, hope it gets better soon ^^;

I like most of the song remixes too. So yeah, I think this is a good purchase and I’m gonna enjoy this game for a while…

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