Kancolle Diary 29/06/15

Managed to get one more new Heavy Cruiser from Construction, Kinugasa:


I can now pretty much list out the remaining ship girls that I haven’t gotten from normal Construction now:


I can see it will take some great luck to get these remaining ship girls (it’s always harder to get the last few random items even if their probability is the same (which is not in this case)).

Personally I want Hiryu and Furutaka, just because I can complete some of the one-time quests (which require me to compose fleets composed of these girls). Shoukaku and Kumano as well, just to complete the sisters.

Goal setting

Gotta say, I don’t really have a clear goal with Kantai Collection right now ^^;

I’m merely leveling up my battleships, standard & light carriers to their first Kai version, of which I’m pretty much left with the Kongou sisters now. After that I should either move on to heavy cruisers, or attempt their Kai Nis.

As for destroyers & light cruisers, it’s harder to level them up because they don’t have the firepower to take MVP position. Supposedly I can level them up in 4-1 and 4-3, which requires me to traverse 2 nodes, but so far these methods don’t seem stable for me, like how I keep going to the wrong nodes etc.

So right now I’m using the PvP (10 times a day) just to level up the destroyers & light cruisers. Battleships & heavy cruisers seem like they can level up naturally in non-PvP, and carriers should not participate in PvP anyway due to bauxite consumption. It doesn’t matter whether I win or lose, the destroyers will still get some EXP. Also, I might be lucky enough that some players are using the submarine fleet, so I can equip the destroyers with anti-submarine equipments and win the battle.

Yeah, I’m pretty much the kind of player who would level the characters first before facing hard boss or areas, rather than going ahead and have a difficult time when they’re still underleveled. I did push forward to 4-3 to get access to the recommended leveling spots though.

I would also want to wait on Large Ship Construction and hunting rare drops in specific maps after I get all the ships from normal Construction.

Strategy summary

Sometimes I want to まとめる (matomeru, summarize) what I understand about the game. Like some sources said, if you can’t explain something clearly, it means you don’t really understand it.

The way I understand right now, there are 3 important ship types:

Battleship – not only because they’re powerful, but because if there is one battleship in either player or enemy side, each ship will have 2 chances to attack instead of one. This give a second chance to wipe all enemies before the day battle ends with ending torpedo salvo. The idea is to avoid this ending torpedo salvo, where all ships that can fire torpedo (both player and enemy side) fire torpedo simultaneously to random targets, since there’s possibility for one of our ships to get heavily damaged (and thus I need to end the journey to avoid the risk of those ships sinking in next battle).

If the enemy has a battleship, each ship will take 2 turns to attack even if I don’t carry a battleship… but if the enemy has a battleship, I should bring one as well anyway to level the power difference.

Carrier – because they can equip this special plane called Saiun that can prevent T-cross disadvantage (random at the start of battle that influences damage output). It’s a bonus that they can do opening attack that reduces the number of enemies at the start of battle. T-cross disadvantage should be avoided because it is more likely for the day battle to end with torpedo salvo, which as mentioned above is risky.

Also for the ‘Aerial Supremacy/Superiority’, which allows our ships to perform double attacks or cut-in (cutscene) attacks given the right setups, which increases damage output and chance to win.

Submarine – because they can tank (and in fact, absorb) attacks from destroyers, light cruisers, heavy cruisers and light carriers, so that our other ships do not take damage (those enemy ships are forced to attack the submarine). But at the end of the day, if my submarine gets heavily damaged, I would return to the base, which is why depleting as many enemies as possible during opening attack is important.

There’s much more to say, like how Destroyers are much more powerful in night battles, but yeah, it’s amazing how Kantai Collection gameplay is mostly random (just set up and watch) but the gameplay system is actually pretty deep (relatively to other free-to-play online card games). It’s about knowing these systems to increase the odd of winning battles.


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