Persona 4 Dancing All Night Platinum


I managed to reach this milestone but of course I’m still far from ‘completing’ this rhythm game. For example, there is also a set of in-game achievements (different from Trophies) and I still haven’t gotten all of them.

Unlike the fighting game spin-off, the Platinum trophy of this game is pretty easy. Basically just complete Story Mode and purchase everything in Shop and everything should unlock by itself. Probably the tricky ones are the ones that ask you to trigger all ‘Fever Commu’ of certain character pairs, but this is nothing a spreadsheet can’t handle. Also need to touch Hard mode a bit.

Gameplay wise, I’m 24 hours in and I’ve almost perfected all songs in Easy (left 2-3), and I’m about to embark on perfecting all Normal songs soon. Hard is a bit too hard for me and the All Night is kind of crazy ^^;


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