Kantai Collection

Obtained Furutaka, and thereafter, a flood of missions that I can immediately clear come in. (Now I’m stuck with a lot of missions that require me to train some ships and use them to defeat bosses though ^^;)

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 01.25.00

My first Kai Ni (second remodel) is Kitakami. Kind of unsurprising though, since I like her opening torpedo attack and her Kai Ni is just level 50. My Ooi is around level 30 something, guess I’ll catch her up with Kitakami.

My highest ship level now is Fubuki at level 53 (it has been Akagi at level 50 for some time).

I’m trying to Kai Ni Fubuki and Souryuu now. Their Kai Ni is at level 70-80, which will take quite some time. But I don’t intend to rush anyway ^^;

I intend to Kai Ni Sendai and Jintsuu, but yeah, haven’t found a stable way to level up Light Cruisers yet (it’s supposed to be 4-3 but I guess it requires the supporting ships to be of high level to be stable).

I also tried Large Ship Construction. It’s a scary thing. One moment I feel ‘rich’ and the next moment I feel poor. I tried to get Yamato but I get Suzuya, which unfortunately I have gotten her before T.T

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

About 28 hours in, and I’ve perfected about 3/4 of Normal difficulty songs now.

Hard is a bit too hard for me. They have these tricks where the scratch ring is very close to the note, and I have to, in a split second, decide whether I should push the left or the right analog stick (I should push the opposing side of the note so I have enough time to press it). And in lower difficulties I’ve made a mistake to just use the right analog stick (it has become a habit -.-)

But yeah, now that I’ve played it for a while, my honest impression is that this game isn’t as fun as Project Diva. It’s probably the reason why I don’t get into other rhythm games as well. In Project Diva, it feels intuitive and it feels like you’re ‘singing with your thumbs’. Here it feels more like puzzle, dexterity and I’m just pressing buttons in.


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