KanColle Diary 5/7/15

One more ship


I got Kinu while doing Carrier recipe today. So I’m left with:


Yayoi is from minimum recipe (30/30/30/30), Kumano is from Battleship recipe (400/30/600/30), and the rest are from Carrier recipe (300/30/400/300).

Fuel Drain >.<

Probably because I managed to form a stable 4-3 composition, I’ve been doing it to level up Sendai (she would be my first Light Cruiser Kai Ni), and it has proven to be unsustainable for my fuel resources (because 4-3 is not that bad on fatigue, so I can keep doing it more instead of being held back by fatigue). On top of that, I tried Large Ship Construction and it was a big hit on my resources.

I don’t know, maybe I should take a break from sorties for a few days, and for daily construction just do the minimum recipe to try to get Yayoi?

I’m also going on vacation in about 2 week’s time, for 10 days. If I can’t access KanColle while on my vacation, that’ll be a full rejuvenation period ^^;

The ‘Stable’ 4-3 Composition

It’s actually still not that stable (and never will be) because I can still randomly go to the node with flagship Battleship and Heavy Cruisers (it just means I’m unlucky), but it’s stable in the sense that once I go to the submarine nodes, almost every time I can defeat all the submarines and get the S rank.

The big idea is to include 3 ships that can fight against submarine (not more, not less) so that it can defeat 4-5 submarines in submarine nodes provided that we also include a Battleship. So that’s 4 out of 6 slots taken. The anti submarine ships are Destroyer and Light Cruiser, with one of them being the flagship we want to level (but we can only have 1 Destroyer otherwise we will be taken off route). If the number of anti-submarine ships is 2, maximum number of attacks against submarines is 4, which is not enough if there are 5 enemy submarines. If 4, there’s a chance that the flagship only attacks once, and doesn’t deal enough damage to get MVP (she might deal the most damage against submarines, but other ships might deal more damage against non-submarines). With 3, it’s also guaranteed that the flagship attacks twice. That’s because on the second round of attacks, flagship always attacks first. Once she successfully attacks twice, her damage should overpower even the damage against non-submarines.

Equip them with Anti Submarine equipments (Sonar and Depth charges), but give the best ones to the flagship (in fact, equip 2 Sonars + 1 Depth Charge on her). We don’t use Aviation Battleship equipped with Zuiun because their damage against submarines is not great and they can’t be equipped with Anti Submarine equipments. We don’t use Light Carrier for similar reason (even if they can defeat the normal submarines, they might not be able to defeat the higher level ones if they happen to target these submarines).

The remaining 2 slots are to defeat the non-submarine ships in submarine nodes, and be powerful enough in the battleship node. That means 2 Standard Carriers usually, also because of their opening strikes (and not Light Carriers because they would be included in the ships that can fight submarines). But we still need to ‘nerf’ them so that their damage don’t dwarf the damage against submarines in submarine nodes. That usually means 2 Fighter Planes and 2 Dive Bombers (and for one of the Standard Carriers, replace one Dive Bomber with Saiun to prevent T-Cross Disadvantage).

So yeah, the brainy part about KanColle is called ‘Fleet Composition’ ^^;


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