Sendai Kai Ni

I finally managed to remodel Sendai to Kai Ni XD

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 23.12.20

Although technically Kitakami is my first Kai Ni (at level 50), she feels like my first (at level 60) ^^;

The Sendai class is pretty interesting group of characters. In the beginning we have Naka who is an idol, and Sendai who loves night battles. From her portrait, Jintsuu looks like she has low confidence. But at Kai Ni, Sendai becomes ninja/kunoichi like (since she loves night battles, night = ninja) (looks at the way she holds the torpedo) and Jintsuu becomes samurai-like (her expression changes to become ‘dignified’ like). Naka remains an idol of course.

So yeah, a ninja, a samurai and an idol… in one group ^^;

I’m planning to Kai Ni Jintsuu next, followed by Naka (Naka is supposedly quite easy to Kai Ni because her Kai Ni is at level 48, lowest among other ships. I’ve made some progress with Jintsuu).

I’m supposed to level up Destroyers first, because Destroyers are crucial for one of the maps, but yeah… I guess I’m not really playing to win ^^;

Did I mention I’m running out of fuel?

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