Recently 9 Jul 15

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

36 hours into the game. Have perfected all songs in Normal difficulty except 3 of them (one is kinda tricky; one I just tend miss randomly and one is pretty long ^^;)

Have gotten the medal for all Commu Fevers. That means I have unlocked all partners for each song and have seen the partner comes and dances at least once.

Have cleared all the Hard difficulty. All Night difficulty is pretty much impossible for me (especially to perfect them) (Well, I think it might be possible to clear them if I use all the Help Items that reduce the severity of mistakes).

In previous post I said that Persona 4 Dancing All Night is not as fun as Project Diva. But now I kinda want to retract my statement; it’s pretty fun on Hard difficulty. Especially with all the ‘scratching’ of the analog sticks.

But yeah, it’s another rhythm game I might not be able to complete entirely.

Kantai Collection

Have Kai Ni’d Jintsuu

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 02.38.05

Thinking to Kai Ni Fubuki next (she would be my first Kai Ni Destroyer). She’s like level 66 now and Her Kai Ni level is at level 70 (it looks close but not really ^^;)

Also preparing Naka to Kai (level 20) so that I can Kai Ni her after Fubuki; though I might Kai Ni Yuudachi instead (supposedly the strongest Destroyer in terms of firepower, and my Yuudachi is already level 46-ish (her Kai Ni level is relatively low at 55)).

But yeah, after clearing ‘Defeat 10 enemy fleets’ Mission tonight, I didn’t keep pressing on unlike what I did for Sendai and Jintsuu Kai Ni the other nights. Let the resources recover ^^; And it’s not like it really makes a difference whether I Kai Ni Fubuki today or 2 days later.

Other Thoughts

Now that I have been playing KanColle, I can’t imagine playing another version of it (KanColle Kai for Vita, coming end of August). Won’t I get confused?

New chapter of KanColle manga Itsuka Shizukana Umi De should be available at Comic Walker on 10th July (Chapter 15 specifically, with new main character). I wonder who will be the next main character (latest was Ashigra). And I’m pretty sure this manga series ends at vol 3, so there should only be a few chapters left (chapter 15 might even be the final chapter).

I also recently purchased a KanColle manga called KanKan Biyori. It’s like a gaming diary done in manga style. It’s supposedly the author’s real experience (although he seems to be extremely lucky to get rare ships like I-19). It serves as a tutorial and there are some touching parts. The way the ship girls are drawn are cute and refreshing as well. I guess I would do a review some other time. But yeah, I think this is another KanColle manga worth getting besides Itsuka Shizukana Umi De

Tried Apple Music on my Japan iTunes account. A lot of Hatsune Miku songs are available, but most songs that are theme songs of anime and games are not available (which is minus point for me). Utada Hikaru and Kalafina songs are not even available -.-;


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