Recently 19 Jul 15

Kantai Collection

I realized the hidden cost of using remote desktop method (Parallels Access) to play Kantai Collection and that is electricity bill ^^;

It’s because I need to keep my MacBook Pro running; so it’s essentially always running just without the display on. But yeah, the increase in electricity bill is rather apparent -.-”

It’s pretty cool to go to a coffee shop and access my desktop at home remotely to play Kantai Collection though ^^;

I think I should consider getting a cheap 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet… (see if I can get anything below $100, though I doubt it) ^^;

Tried map 3-2 and my Destroyers still either get heavily damaged on the 2nd node, or they fail to reach the boss node. I guess I’m rather unlucky ^^;

Although I’ve maxed my Yukikaze and Shimakaze’s Modernizations, their level are still quite low (30-40); so their evasion might not be high enough at the point they can consistently dodge enemy’s attacks.

I’m currently Kai Ni’ing Hibiki (level 70), then I guess I’ll try to increase their levels a bit, before attempting map 3-2 again. (Or I could attempt it sooner. I don’t know, I’m playing this game rather aimlessly and I keep changing my goals)

Still haven’t gotten a new ship from Construction yet… (I want Hiryuu and Zuihou) >.<

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

I have perfected all Normal songs except Never More (which is a DLC song).

This song is rather long for a rhythm game session ^^;

I managed to perfect 3 Hard songs (but they are the easy ones like Specialist, Your Affection and Snowflakes).

Starting to change the costumes around now (I’m the kind of player who tends to keep the characters in their original costumes instead of customizing them immediately) ^^;

Also, I realized unlike other games I have never gone to forums/message boards of this game even once. I guess one thing is that I don’t really need any help with this game because it’s rather simple. But yeah, it’s a refreshing feeling, not getting mixed by other people’s opinions… ^^;

It actually reminds me back when I was a child and had no Internet. I bought a video game and it was all experimentation from there. Nowadays, I think I’m getting help too soon and too conveniently with wikis, message boards and stuffs ^^;


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