Recently 24 Jul 2015


I’m on vacation in Japan and thanks to my friend who works there, I visited a lot of places in Tokyo, such as Ginza (where I stayed), Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree, Akihabara, Shibuya, Harajuku, Nakano, Shinjuku, Odaiba (Gundam), Roppongi and Tokyo Tower (Tokyo Tower is having an attraction for One Piece series) (in the span of 3 days, which is pretty cool).

Now I’m in Osaka and I went to Namba area (Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, Kuromachi fish market, Denden city (Osaka version of Akihabara)). I even went to public bath at Daikokuchou ^^;

Yesterday I took Shinkansen from Shin Osaka to Kyoto and went to see temples and bamboo forest.

But yeah, it’s a lot of eye openers and I feel that my expectations of Japan (vs the Japan I knew from reading Internet, manga etc) are more aligned now.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

I managed to perfect all songs in Normal difficulty. The last song I had to perfect was Never More, and I think it’s only difficult thanks to the sheer length of the song (random miss etc).

Now I’m moving on to perfect all songs in Hard difficulty. I have made some progress before and I think I’m left with the difficult ones ^^;

In other news, the game will feature Hatsune Miku as DLC in mid August. She will sing a remix of Heaven.


Pretty cool collaboration and though I usually skip DLCs, I think I’m not going to miss this one (It would be nice if they include the original Hatsune Miku costume though)

Kantai Collection

Managed to level Kiso to level 65, and remodel her to Kai Ni.

So I have 3 Torpedo Cruisers now X)

Supposedly the recent Abukuma Kai Ni can fire opening torpedo, so she’s essentially the 4th Torpedo Cruiser (although she’s still categorized as Light Cruiser) (Required level is 75 and blueprint is needed, and I don’t have a blueprint yet… -.-;)

I’m training my last Destroyer with highest avoidance stat, Hatsushimo. Training Yuubari (the Light Cruiser with 4 slots when Kai’d) and Suzuya (the Heavy Cruiser that becomes Aviation Cruiser when Kai’d, to complete a mission) along the way.


Recently I found a more command-line way to convert multiple images to PDF in Mac OS X (rather than using the built in export in Preview, which does extra things).

First, I installed Homebrew, then using it, I installed Imagemagick. Then using Terminal in the folder where the images are, it’s really just:

convert *.jpg output.pdf


One problem with the PDF is that it’s missing some metadata such as Author, which would be nice to be displayed in viewers such as iBooks. So I installed Exiftool with Homebrew and added those information in (and remove the metadata I don’t need).


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