Back From Japan

Just came back from Japan (in fact, not an hour has passed since I reached back home ^^;)

It was a lot of experiences, although I think the bulk of it is concentrated on the first 3 days of the trip, where my friend kindly showed me around Tokyo X)

Speaking of unique experience, I went to public bath house, the kind with sauna and different baths (silk bath, etc). I didn’t go to mixed bath or onsen though ^^;

I also came across adult doujinshi shop in Denden city (the Akihabara of Osaka). I didn’t buy any of course. Didn’t go to maid cafe or sort either. One of Steve Jobs’ quotes that is not very famous but happens to resonate with me is: ‘I’m as proud of many of the things I haven’t done as the things I’ve done’ ^^;

But yeah, for my next Japan trip I should try to go on a different season, so that I can see sakura leaves or snow, for example ^^;

Kantai Collection

As I’m replenishing my resources (especially bauxite but also fuel), I went easy on daily construction these few days, using just the minimum resources required.

But I wouldn’t have thought that I would get my last ship that can be gotten from minimum resource recipe so fast ^^;

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.31.16

So yeah, I should really use the other recipes again for a chance to get new ships.

I also Kai Ni’d Souryuu (this would be my first Standard Carrier Kai Ni):


Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Made some progress in the airplane. Perfected Dance!, Signs Of Love (TK Remix), and Pursuing My True Self on Hard. I counted that I’ve perfected 17 out of 30 songs in Hard (without DLC, there are only 27 songs).


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