Dream C Club Zero Portable online trophies complete

I think Mian is the best girl ^^

I think Mian is the best girl (I keep seeing her as golden hair tsundere Miku ^^;)

As a continuation of previous post, managed to get the 2 online trophies of Dream C Club Zero Portable.

For one of them, I really had to do karaoke battle with another player online. I entered the online lobby, and sure enough, nobody is there. Either I have to keep trying the next few days and be lucky or I need to ask someone to play online (or I need to buy a duplicate copy, which is kind of insane ^^;) (I could buy a second-hand copy in Japan at 1,000 yen or so. Problem is, I’m no longer in Japan and the official digital price is still 3,000yen). Only the second option really makes sense.

The first thing that came to my mind is to go to trophy boosting threads and ask for help but this is a Japanese game and I’m not sure where to find those places.

But I think I found a better way.

Basically, go to PSNTrophyLeaders.com, a place for players who care about trophies. Go to the game page, click on the particular trophy. Then on this trophy page (for example, エールバトル), look at the ‘Recently Played, Haven’t Earned’ player list and contact the first few players directly (through PSN Messages).

That’s what I did, and a kind fellow said yes and he happened to be online. Both him and I got the trophy and everyone is happy ^^

I don’t plan to complete the rest of Dream C Club Zero Portable trophies just yet though. So next is Ciel nosurge…


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