Hunting my last online trophies

It’s time to do this again, I think.

Get the online trophies now while it’s still possible or never (and then the chance of me ever completing my Trophy collection would be 0%).

There was quite recent times when I began hunting them (I think after I got a new table and BenQ gaming monitor) and I made some great progress, with online trophies from games like Resident Evil 6, Soul Calibur 5, Persona 4 Arena and even vanilla Dead Or Alive 5 completed.

But then I stopped. Fatigue I guess. There are just a few online trophies remaining, and they’re from Japanese Vita games.

Dream C Club Zero Portable


This is actually one of Vita launch games 0.o Not sure if there are people still playing it -_-; The only way is to play and find out ^^;

Anyway, there are only 2 online trophies.

I think I’m supposed to battle karaoke online with another player. Hopefully there are still people playing, if not I might’ve to resort to buying a duplicate copy and fight myself (a bit crazy if I’m really doing this ^^;)

I’m supposed to activate Near feature to exchange trading card. Problem is, I thought Near service has been suspended? I hope I can still get it… -_-;

But yeah, if I start playing this game, my priority would be to find the menu to get these trophies (I hope they’re not something that needs quite some unlocking).

Ciel nosurge


Another game I kinda regret buying, and this is from the same maker as the upcoming Yoru No Nai Kuni. This ‘real-time’ game is more suited to smartphones or tablets. Put it on Vita and it’s kinda hogging the Vita from other games ^^;

Apparently they’ve reduced the number of servers for this game, and they’ve mentioned that there will no longer be additional download content. So the only thing they’re left to do is shutdown these remaining servers sometime in the future ^^;

But yeah, I have to buy lots and lots of DLC to complete the trophies. Let’s see how much I would be screwed… ^^;


5 thoughts on “Hunting my last online trophies

    1. Helu Post author

      A kind fellow helped me with the karaoke battle trophy ^^
      If I remember correctly, in main menu, you go to コレクション -> プロメイド, then you select one of the options shown onscreen. It’s some screen where you would like to give a card in exchange of another card you want. Confirm that and you’ll go to Near app, and trophy just unlocks almost immediately :)

      If you haven’t unlocked the option in main menu before, what you do in Story Mode, at Dream Club entrance is to select 楽しみ -> プロメイド, then buy one card pack. Hope it helps :)

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