Date A Live Vita

Managed to get the game on Saturday.


This time, I didn’t get the limited edition, only normal edition. The special thing about Date A Live game limited edition is that it includes mini light novel (and one more drama CD besides the preorder bonus), but yeah…

And the cover of the game is… actually a mix of the previous 2 PS3 games’ limited edition covers ^^;



There are ‘3 games’ inside this game: Rinne Utopia, Ars Install, which are the 2 previous PS3 games and… I think the new scenario it’s called Rio Reincarnation (I might be wrong about how 凛緒 is pronounced).

But if you check the Memory, which is unlocked scene gallery mode, you would notice that Rinne Utopia has 200+ scenes, Ars Install 190+ scenes. And Rio Reincarnation? Only 39. So Rio Reincarnation is only a short addition and the main content of the game is still that it contains both Rinne Utopia and Ars Install.

And apparently before I can begin a new game with Rio Reincarnation, I have to go through a short mode called Itsuka Digest, which for the first time, the voice actor of the male character Itsuka Shidou speaks in the game (in previous games, he is totally unvoiced).

The Itsuka Digest really summarizes the whole story from light novel vol. 1 up to 7 and the 2 PS3 games 0.o It confirms that Rinne Utopia indeed takes place between vol. 4 and 5, while Ars Install takes place after vol. 7 (and before vol. 8)

But yeah, I’m encountering first world problem here, which is: should I take a look at Rio Reincarnation first then finish the 2 games later? Or should I play the first 2 games (again) and then play Rio Reincarnation last?

I’m inclining toward the second option (which I think is more… ‘proper’).

Not only that, should I play this or Ciel nosurge or Persona 4 Dancing All Night. I’m thinking Ciel nosurge because its online service might end one day, while this game is offline. But Ciel nosurge is more like waiting game where you don’t actively play but rather react when something did happen… -_-

…Actually, I almost forgot that I have 2 Vitas… 0.o

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