KanColle Diary 5 Aug 2015

I learned that to get the 1st German Destroyer, Z1, I need to send my Submarines on Expedition and one of them must ultimately be level 60. My highest level Submarine is still level 45… -.-

Basically if I get Z1, I can also get Z3 from Daily Construction, and the chance to get Bismarck, the German Battleship in Large Scale Construction.

Problem is Submarines are not involved in Destroyer/Light Cruiser leveling, and I was leveling Destroyers. Even within Destroyer leveling, I switched from Ayanami to Akatsuki, because there was a Mission involving Akatsuki Kai Ni.

And speaking of Destroyers, I actually already have more than 6 high-leveled Destroyers… enough to tackle World 3-2, I think (but as some player said, one can never be too high-leveled in Kantai Collection, because it involves luck after all).

So yeah, first world problem… deciding what to do for the next few days ^^;

I’m thinking of sending Submarines to 2-3 for Daily Missions and saving resources for upcoming large scale Event in 10 August (my first Event as KanColle player, and one I most likely won’t reach till the end). But 2-3 isn’t exactly the best leveling spot for Submarines either…

I just got my second Maruyu in Large Scale Construction, even though I was aiming for Taihou and Akatsukimaru -.-” I really like this Pixiv image ^^;



With the exception of getting Hiryuu, I have not been exactly lucky in Large Scale Construction. Still haven’t gotten the popular character Shoukaku as well…

Oh, I also bought another slot expansion, so my ship max slot is 120 now. Spent 2000 yen on this game so far… ^^;


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