KanColle Diary 8 Aug 2015

Heavy Cruiser Leveling

Gotta say, after getting used to Destroyer/Light Cruiser leveling in 4-3, leveling Heavy Cruisers in 3-2 is kinda a drag. In 4-3, you move 2 to 3 nodes (although it’s possible to be heavily damaged on 1st node and retreat). In 3-2, you only go to 1 node and retreat, which is heavy on ship fatigue.

The problem with Heavy Cruisers is that they’re just weaker Battleships, or stronger Light Cruisers that lose the (rather important) ability to attack submarines. So they’re not really good at anything (kinda like Light Carriers) (other than saving resources).

But yeah, I looked at the state of my fleet, and Heavy Cruisers are my most underleveled ships, so I think I should balance it out (who knows, they might be useful down the road).

I’m thinking to Kai Ni Maya and Myoukou first, while slowly Kai’ing the rest of the Heavy Cruisers so that they have 4 slots and can get a much better of chance of getting MVP in 3-2.

Fleet Management

This is how I have a bird-eye overview of my fleet (my spreadsheet):

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 20.53.26

The numbers don’t indicate the number of copies, but rather the ship level. If the ship’s level is 32, the number is 3. I think it’s more manageable to just track the higher digit (less change).

The reason there are 2 columns of Destroyers is that there are many Destroyers (in comparison to other ship types). The first column is those Destroyers with Kai Ni, or with illustration change when Kai’d.

As you can see, my Heavy Cruisers need work (and Seaplane Tenders) ^^;


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