10 Aug 2015

Hyped up about MGSV Phantom Pain that I bought Ground Zeroes PS4 version (I previously bought PS3 version and have completed its trophies). One thing they did to increase their sales from MGS fans who care about trophies (like me) is to make the trophy list for PS4 and PS3 version separate (I’m sure it’s intentional ^^;)

I gotta say, from what I remember, the experience of playing PS3 version is not that inferior from PS4 version. The graphics in PS4 version is not that huge a difference from PS3 version (I was expecting more, but yeah, in the end it still has jagged edges and stuffs). The 60fps of PS4 version doesn’t feel too 60fps-ish to me (I guess it’s the animation and stuffs) ^^;

Speaking of MGS trophies, I haven’t completed MGS2 trophies (which have separate PS3 and PS Vita list) and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance trophies. MGS2 one is particularly hard because have to beat all VR missions (and some of them are very annoying due to the controls) -.-

It’s first world problem, but yeah, I’m also currently suffering from playing too many games at once. I have:

  • MGSV Ground Zeroes (trying to get the trophies again for PS4 version)
  • Kantai Collection (it pretty much has become part of my daily life)
  • Ciel nosurge (trying to complete the trophies, the progress is saved on the server and the rate of progress is like daily)
  • Persona 4 Dancing All Night (trying to perfect remaining Hard songs)
  • Date A Live Twin Edition (doing first playthrough of Rinne Utopia now)

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