Kancolle Summer 2015 Event Start

So yeah, this is my first event as Kancolle player. It’s supposedly a ‘large-scale’ event that runs for about 20 days. During this event, there are 7 maps that are supposedly challenging, but also reward rare ship girls and equipments.

The event started on 10 Aug 2015… around 10pm, I think. So if we count 11 Aug as the first day, then we’re on day 3 now. Doing the calculation, the event would end at the end of August, which is just nice as MGSV Phantom Pain releases on start of September ^^;

But yeah, I’m picking Easy difficulty this time (regardless of exclusive rewards on higher difficulties). Not only that, I’m standing on the shoulders of giants as no doubt countless Kancolle expert players are playing right now, gathering useful info and contributing them to sites such as wikiwiki.jp/kancolle

So far I’m refraining myself from using instant repair item (the buckets) with the intention to save them for later, more difficult maps. Another reason is I’m waiting for more info to be updated on the wiki ^^; So I’m still on the second map now (need to beat it 3 more times).

One cool thing about the event (for me), is the 連合艦隊 (Rengou Kantai, Combined Fleet) where we literally combine 2 fleets into one. And there are 2 types of Combined Fleet, in English apparently they’re called Surface Task Force and Carrier Task Force. To successfully form the Combined Fleet, we need to follow some requirements (like the maximum/minimum number of particular ship types)… and so far I only formed the Surface Task Force, since they’re the recommended fleet for map 2.

One of Kancolle manga, Kankan Biyori, actually depicts the Combined Fleet pretty well:


By the way, I really like this manga (I think this is the best Kancolle manga besides Itsuka Shizukana Umi De) and one day I would like to introduce it in this blog, but I’ll leave that for now.

It’s a pain to form the Combined fleet at first (12 slots and need to put equipments as well!) but once they’re sortied, it’s pretty cool because (in the case of Surface Task Force), the aerial combat is done by the main fleet, while the opening torpedo salvo is done by the escort fleet. The main fleet would then all attack first. Once they’re done, it’s the escort fleet’s turn. The ending torpedo salvo is also done by escort fleet. At night, the main fleet would retreat, leaving only escort fleet to finish the fight.

Can’t wait to see Carrier Task Force (the one shown in the picture above) in action and how they differ from Surface Task Force X)

As for the rare ship girls, so far I only got Shoukaku, which is relatively not that rare compared to Ooyodo, Tokitsukaze etc but for some reason I’ve been unable to get her until now. She’s like one of the last early ship girls that I haven’t gotten yet (another would be Zuihou). There’s also supposedly a certain new ship girl as reward for beating the second map.

Wonder if I can complete the entire event or just halfway even with easy difficulty… But yeah, I shall see ^^;


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