13 August 2015 (KanColle, MGSV Ground Zeroes)

Kantai Collection

Last time I talked about how I prefer to play Kancolle on Safari because my MacBook Pro doesn’t get as hot. Now I guess I have to switch to Chrome again. With the update that brings the summer event, KanColle starts giving me intermittent ‘cat’ error screen when playing in Safari. At first I thought it’s because of the event and that many players are active. But when I tried to play the game in Chrome the error screen never appears. So I guess the game gets bigger and reaches some limit within Safari, which causes the error screen (I have tried clearing cache & cookies but it doesn’t help).

Last time I shared how I keep track of my fleet by the use of spreadsheet. I found a modification to make it even more maintainable; instead of using the high digit of the level (say 9 for 93), I use the number of stars that appear next to each ship girl’s name. It’s because the stars indicate how close they are to max stats. So when they are already 5 stars, to keep leveling them up (which take longer) has diminishing return (not sure if this is the correct term ^^;) anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 21.15.36

It’s more maintainable because the number of stars don’t change as often and because I no longer have to worry about whether they are modernized to max or not; I only need to keep track whether they’re remodeled to the max (with the green paint) (because the number of stars are relative to their current remodel; even if they are 5 stars in Kai, when remodeled to Kai Ni, the number of stars might drop to say 3).

In reality having a bird-eye view of the whole fleet is not so simple because some ship girls have certain proficiencies, like how some of the Light Cruisers are very effective against submarines and some Destroyers have high luck stats. But the number of stars is still a good indication of say whether the girls are ready for events (4 to 5 stars are definitely preferred).

But yeah, I should be done with the second event map tonight, unless my ship girls get unlucky (heavily damaged) along the way.

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes

So recently I bought the PS4 version (even though I already completed PS3 version)

I thought for the S-Rank All Missions trophy, I have to do both Normal and Hard missions. But the trophy popped up when I S-ranked all Normal missions (minus Jamais Vu mission, which was a timed exclusive for Xbox 360).

But yeah, gotta say, if there would be S-Rank All Missions trophy in Phantom Pain (which I’m sure there would be), I can imagine it being a pain in the ass, considering that it’s open world (or rather, super large maps) and stuffs. Or maybe it would turn out to be enjoyable? We shall see ^^;


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