KanKan Biyori

Today I’d like to talk about one of the KanColle manga series, KanKan Biyori (艦々日和)

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 23.06.18

It is up to volume 3, and can be purchased digitally from online bookstores such as BookLive!, and the latest chapter can be read for free at www.famitsu.com/blog/kancolle_ouen/

It is a ‘play manga’, essentially a gaming diary (like this blog of mine, but much more interesting ^^;) in manga form. I can’t name other such ‘play manga’, so I think this manga is pretty unique. And it somehow speaks about KanColle, how you can make a play manga out of it ^^;

First thing I like about this manga is the art style. It’s hard to describe, but it’s different from the usual moe… I guess it has its own charms.

But the special thing about this manga is that it’s about the author (who is apparently depicted as a yellow bird) actually playing the game and retelling his experiences (plus some plot elements mixed in). Sometimes I learn a gameplay tip or two, sometimes it’s just interesting to compare the story with my experience.

The author basically attempts to beat the map one by one, and also participates in events. In fact, if I’m not wrong, the latest chapter released on the web as of this post is about the Spring 2015 event.

Some interesting points about what happened in the manga, vol 1-3:

  • The author’s starter ship is Fubuki, and he almost always makes her the flagship. In chapter 21, Fubuki told him to remove her as the flagship because there are more suitable ship girls, but the author refused.
  • His server is Maizuru Naval District.
  • The author got many duplicates of Ooshio (she’s a common drop after all). He had to dismantle one in order to make room for new ships (although in this manga, ‘dismantle’ means turning back into a normal girl). But in the end he still kept several copies of Ooshios.
  • Later, he finally spent money to increase the number of ship slots.
  • His first Light Cruiser is Abukuma. Abukuma is like the second main ship girl after Fubuki in this manga (other main girls include Kirishima and Kitakami). In the first event with ship-locking that he joined (the MI/AL operation), he made her the flagship for AL operation.
  • His first Light Carrier is Shouhou (in fact, his first ship from ship construction), his first Standard Carrier is Akagi (through mission reward, which is the common way of getting her), his first Heavy Cruiser is Myoukou. His first Fast Battleship is Kirishima. His first Battleship (much later) is Mutsu.
  • Kirishima often takes the role of teacher, explaining in-depth gameplay mechanic to the author and other girls, and also map strategies (followed by Ooyodo and Akagi).
  • Another favorite character in this manga is Kitakami. But well, Kitakami being torpedo cruiser is indeed powerful and useful in many situations ^^;
  • The author’s first event is Fall 2013. He only managed to beat the first 2 maps, but along the way he earned I-19 and Noshiro (which both I still don’t have -_-;)
  • In the quest of beating map 3-2, there’s a side story involving Arare. The manga finally used one of the common KanColle ‘plot elements’ that is the ship girls have memories of when they were real ships during World War 2.
  • The author’s first Large Ship Construction ship is Maruyu (same as me… T.T)
  • The author’s second event is Spring 2014 (somehow skipping Winter 2013, maybe it’s just not told). He got Akashi in this event. He couldn’t beat the last map due to time limit and resource drain, but he at least destroyed the last boss once.
  • The author beat 3-4 in one try (unexpectedly). He didn’t feel satisfied so he challenged the map again (this time it did give him proper challenges) before moving on to world 4.
  • He joined Summer 2014 large event (AL/MI operation) (75% of vol 3 is dedicated to this event). He made Abukuma the flagship for AL operation (although in the middle he switched to Fubuki, then back to Abukuma). For MI operation’s Combined Fleet (Carrier Task Force), he made Akagi the flagship of main fleet while Fubuki is the flagship of escort fleet. Just like the actual event, the ship girls that participated in first 2 operations can’t participate in the last map (which means Fubuki and most of the Standard Carriers), which make for a nice story in this manga. This is also the first event that he completed successfully all the way to the end.
  • By the end of vol 3, he still didn’t have Nagato, Shimakaze (he barely got Yukikaze in AL/MI operation), Shoukaku and Zuikaku. But he got Zuihou, Makigumo and Amatsukaze… 0.o;

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