KanColle Summer 2015 Event, part 2

Day 7 out of 20 days of the event. Cleared E-3 on easy, now onto E-4.

This is the first time I’m fighting the so-called ‘installation-type’ boss and gotta say, I now see the need of having multiple Reppuu and Sanshikidan (currently I only have 2 Reppuu and 1 Sanshikidan, which prove to be still insufficient). But to spend my resources now to try to develop more of them might be a suicidal move for event completion.

But yeah, this short post would serve as a reminder for myself. After the event ends, I’ll most definitely try to get my hands on more of these from development (at least 4 Sanshikidan and 5 Reppuu). I now find it pretty silly to spend resources to try to construct rare ship girls when I already have so many backlog of ship girls that need to be leveled (and that I may be able to get those rare ship girls ‘naturally’ during events, just like how I got Shoukaku and Kumano now) ^^;


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