KanColle Command Center

So I learned about KanColle Command Center (KC3改), a Chrome Extension designed to assist KanColle playing (as far as I know, it reads Chrome network logs and reinterprets the data that was sent by the game server; the server has no idea/can’t check that this is happening).

And I gotta say, playing KanColle will never be the same to me again ^^;

It can, for example, give me a bird eye’s view of the current state, and reveal hidden data (those that are shown in UI as bar graphs etc but have no number).

There are even more data in the ‘Strategy Room’, where I no longer have to manually input data on my spreadsheet, as there are already data representations that are similar to what I’m looking for, and some I haven’t even thought about yet.

Here’s a tip for Mac OS X users… In System Preferences -> Displays, give the screen more space. Set the Admiral’s Panel at the bottom (instead of right), open up Strategy Room, drag its tab out of Chrome to create another Chrome instance. Then do a split-view fullscreen (OS X El Capitan?) of the 2 Chrome instances.

It is pretty awesome if you ask me. Game at the top-left, bird-eye view at the bottom-left, data on the right to plan for strategies.


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