Recently… (KanColle and MGSV GZ)

Kantai Collection

I’ve reached the final map, E-7. Been playing on Easy (that means I didn’t get the Catapult reward item on E-6). There are about 10 days left, but I might not be able to beat E-7 after all.

The two nodes before the boss contain probably the strongest Wo-class Carriers, and 1-2 of my ships consistently got taiha-ed (large damage) there. If not on the 1st node, then the 2nd node. I got to be extremely lucky for my ships to receive only moderate damage. I can keep trying my luck, but I’m also running out of resources (my fuel reached 4 digits).

And I realize a few things about my fleet:

Not enough Reppuu & Shiden Kai

I only have 2 Reppuu and 1 Shiden Kai (so 3 of them). The ideal number is apparently 12 since Carrier Task Force can consist of 4 Carriers, and let’s say each of them bring 3 of these planes, so 4 x 3 = 12. So yeah, I need 9 more… otherwise I won’t be able to gain Air Superiority and prevent the enemy carriers from damaging my ships.

No Fleet Command Ability

So apparently there’s this gameplay mechanic where a taiha-ed ship of the main fleet can be escorted away from battle by a Destroyer of the escort fleet. But this requires an item and the item can only be gotten from Ooyodo’s equipments after she is upgraded to Kai.

Actually I just managed to get Ooyodo from the first event map, but then she’s still level 1. It takes 34 levels before she becomes Kai.

Not enough Shells

I have 3 Type 3 Shells and 1 Type 91 AP Shell, but I need more than that for the Installation-type bosses and the final boss (like 5 Type 3 Shells and 3 Type 91 AP Shells).

There is still hope? Maybe

So yeah, if I can get all those things within 10 days (actually it’s more like by next Saturday, since I can’t really play on weekdays) all while gaining resources (instead of losing them due to doing above things) then I might try E-7 again.

Otherwise I should just give up on clearing the Event. There’s nothing bad about first-time Admiral not clearing his first Event, I guess… I’ve also learned what my current fleet lacks and can build on those for the next Events. And I think I’ve gotten quite a number of rewards from the Event already… :p

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 11.27.00 Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 23.36.22 Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 00.02.49

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

Trying to S-rank the Hard missions (left with the main missions and destroying anti-air guns one)


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