Kantai Collection

Managed to level Ooyodo to level 35 and remodel her, so I got the Fleet Command Ability item to transport heavily damaged ship, which could be useful for the event.

Still saving resources for weekend. Since the boss of the final map can be weakened by destroying 2 sub-bosses in other nodes, but the effect disappears after one day (so I would have to do the weakening again the next day), I think it’s better to attempt to beat the final map in one go on weekend (after Friday midnight, the whole Saturday)

That was the plan but the developers also extended the event until 7th September (from 2nd September). So this gives me another Saturday in case I fail this Saturday.

Managed to get another Reppuu but I’m still far from the ideal number.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Bought Hatsune Miku song DLC for 800 yen

Gotta say, it was worth it. The song (remix of Heaven) and the dance was very nice. I think I’m developing gloves fetish now ^^;

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes

Managed to S-rank all Ops except the previously Xbox exclusive Op Jamais Vu, but I’m stuck at 88%. Why? They count Jamais Vu to the overall progress ^^;

Let’s see if I will have the mood to S-rank this final Op.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Not sure if I should preorder digital version and get the game downloading as soon as release date arrives (midnight) ^^; (I already preordered physical version but it would take approximately 1-3 days after release date to arrive)

Senran Kagura Estival Versus

I finally played the game after some time. It apparently acquired 2 new characters, a dozen of missions and ‘punishment scenes’ during my absence. Not bad.

Not sure if I should get the DOA Ayane DLC. Watched the trailer and I thought it was pretty cool (Senran Kagura visual style but faithful attacks and poses from DOA).

Ciel nosurge

I finally found a pattern to consistently unlock the dates daily.

Basically modify Ciel’s sleeping pattern so she sleeps while I’m working. Turn on the game when I get back from work ->  after some time she would ask for a date -> I choose tomorrow for the time -> immediately at midnight (tomorrow), I talk to her and the date unlocks -> repeats

Kantai Collection Itsuka Shizukana Umi De

At long last, new chapter

But it’s still on physical magazine though. When it would appear digitally in Comic-Walker… not sure.

It’s not the last chapter yet. Apparently the new main character is Murasame, the twintail Destroyer with different art when Kai’d, and multiple limited-time art change on different seasons.

Highscore Girl

This manga has been on hiatus due to legal issues with SNK. Glad to see that those appear to have been sorted out, and that the manga would resume soon.

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