KanColle, Miku, MGSV TPP and Temporary Inactivity

Kantai Collection

I tried beating Summer 2015 E-7, but I gave up. My resources were draining faster than I was comfortable with. Generally my fleet is still too weak to beat the final map of this event; 2 or 3 of my ship girls keep getting large damage en route to boss, and on the rare occasions I reached the boss, I never managed to sink her once. This is on Easy difficulty and after I equipped my fleet with best equipments available. So if I were to keep going, it’s mainly to test my luck; it may end up with me having zero resources and buckets, and still fail at the event.

Instead, I went back to E-3 and managed to get one of the new event drop ship girls, Mizuho:


I prioritized her because she’s a rare ship type, Seaplane Tender. Including her, there are only 4 ship girls of this type so far. Luckily for me, it took less than a dozen of tries (I have heard horror stories…).

So for event drop ship girls, I’m left with Umikaze, Kazegumo and E-7 Clear Reward, Teruzuki. Teruzuki is an Anti-Air Destroyer, which is too bad. But Umikaze and Kazegumo… to me they’re just Destroyers (probably with some nice equipments when Kai’d) (Personally I think the developers are cheating when they make so many Destroyers; they just push us to purchase max ship slot upgrades, and having many Destroyers don’t really ‘change’ the game).

From now till the event’s end, I think I will be trying to get Zuihou from E-2, since I still don’t have this rare Light Cruiser (and maybe destroyer Hatsukaze as well, which I personally like) (maybe that’s where the horror stories come in).

Also, till the next event, I think I will mainly try to level up important ship girls (Maya Kai Ni, Abukuma, more Heavy Cruisers and Light Carriers, rare Destroyers for their equipments etc) and get more Reppuu aircrafts and shells from Daily Construction.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Managed to perfect Hatsune Miku DLC Heaven (ATOLS remix) on Hard difficulty.


Usually (when playing Project Diva games), I’m done with the song when I perfected it once (to move on to other songs), but I think I should try perfecting this song’s Hard difficulty again for several times. After all, perfecting it once might be a one-off thing, rather than something consistent (focus and skill increase).

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain


So I preordered digital version ^^;

What it means is, hopefully, at September 2nd midnight, if I put my PS4 on standby mode, the game would automatically download and install by itself, so I can probably play a little bit of it in the morning and after I get back from work.

This would be my first experience taking advantage of this PS4 digital release date midnight delivery thing ^^;

A few weeks or so absence

Since Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is coming, I’ll be abstaining myself from Internet. So it’s just me, work at day and Phantom Pain at night for several weeks (depending on how big the game really is).

So it would be a while before my next post would pop up. This is probably the last ever Metal Gear game, and I won’t be self-destructive enough to spoil myself beyond Hideo Kojima’s ‘official’ spoilers. I’ll find out Metal Gear’s ‘greatest mystery’ myself.

September Lookouts

Things to look out for on September, if you were me ^^;

31st August
Okay, not yet September… but it’s when they will be announcing the next Hatsune Miku game on this site http://next39.sega.jp/

2nd September
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain release

9th September
Apple Event. iPhone 6s announcement. Hopefully iPad Pro with stylus as well. I want a ‘Wacom Cintiq’ from Apple… ^^;

10th September
A new KanColle Itsuka Shizukana Umi De has been released on physical magazine. Since I don’t have access to that magazine, I can only wait for the digital version to be published later on Comic-Walker. If the date on its Comic-Walker page http://comic-walker.com/contents/detail/KDCW_MF02000009010000_68/ is trustworthy, it should be on this date.

It would feature Murasame as the main character (the twintail tying her hair):


26th September
Release of KanKan Biyori vol 4 manga

That’s about it, I think… Maybe there are more events around the end of September (new manga? new movie?) but nothing comes to mind yet.


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