Back from MGSV The Phantom Pain


I’ve ‘beaten’ the game (seen all endings) 10 days after the game was released on 2nd Sep.

I managed to beat the game without consulting any guide or spoiling myself on the Internet, WHICH also proved to be my downfall, as I unknowingly crossed a ‘path of no return’.

Now I’m unsure whether I should restart the game and replay it slowly, or keep going with my current progress and hope that sometime in the future they would come with a patch or DLC or something to ‘undo’ my situation (unlikely).

What do I feel after beating the game? Mixed feelings. The gameplay is great; it’s like open-world next-generation Peace Walker. The story has its awesome moments too and some of the cassette tape conversations are intriguing, especially the ones related to language. But when I finally beat the game, it doesn’t have the kind of impact and satisfaction as when I beat MGS1, MGS2, MGS3, MGS4 and Peace Walker.

The game is supposed to be a missing link, and the cassette tape conversations did reveal certain stuffs why things are the way they are in the older games. But c’mon, a plot twist just to explain a (‘small’) mystery in Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake? -.-;

I’m also not too happy with the Special Edition’s bonus Blu-ray. Metal Gear Legacy is basically a bunch of other creators singing praise about Hideo Kojima (I was expecting more of a Making-kind of video with Hideo Kojima himself speaking). The second content is trailers, which are readily available on YouTube. The third content, to add salt to the injury, basically shows content cut from the game.

Yeah, I need to do some soul searching now…


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