Kantai Collection


Still working on second-level remodel of more ship girls, particularly Heavy Cruisers. Latest is Furutaka, next would be Kako. These two have growth spurt when second-level remodeled lol ^^;

I still haven’t done much hunting of the blueprints which are required for some remodels. I know you can only get one a month doing the EO-but-normal maps, but yeah… ^^;

I got one blueprint though and used it for Abukuma. So she’s my first blueprint-required second level remodeled ship girl.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain


I restarted the game, now playing it slowly…

I would tackle all Side Ops as they get unlocked. For each Main Op, I would also try to complete all side objectives (that are possible with my current equipment) before moving on to the next Main Op. 14% completion ratio so far.

Kankan Biyori 4


They just recently released vol 4 of the KanColle Play Manga, and thankfully the digital version is released on the same day.

The manga actually does pretty well catching up with real life 0.o It’s on the third last Event now (Winter 2015).

As always, very nice art style. And I’m pretty jealous with the ship girls the author has collected >.< (Amatsukaze, Yuugumo, Prinz Eugen etc)

How does he gain so many resources though… 0.o (50,000-70,000+)

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

I’m back to watching one anime episode a day and my pick this time is Cinderella Girls (season 1). I just finished it but I’m thinking of rewatching (some) episodes again.

You might wonder why I keep watching idol anime ^^; It’s about mood management, I guess; I don’t want to watch anime that would make me depressed, or those with plot that after you think about it, is stupid ^^; The stories of idol anime are usually feel-good slice-of-life kind of stories, though they do mix it up a little with some hardship and stuffs.

I must say, I’m beginning to prefer Cinderella Girls characters than the original Idolm@ster characters (though at first they feel like a group of misfits, with gothic girl, chubby girl, neet, tall girl etc). I particularly like Nitta Minami, Kanzaki Ranko and Ogata Chieri.

(The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls is my very first ever mobile phone card game btw, so they’re not exactly new to me. Though I stopped playing long time ago because I don’t have Japanese phone number and without it, the game is restricted; can’t receive gifts and stuffs.)

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

So they recently released this iOS/Android rhythm game thing based on Cinderella Girls and the Live Performance graphics are amazingly (relatively) in 3D.

I tried it a bit and it’s quite fun; it’s like a remixed Love Live! School Idol Festival (I’m pretty sure they’re riding on Love Live! SIF success ^^;)

But yeah, I’m not playing it actively for now since I’m already playing Kantai Collection and Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain. Nitta Minami and Ogata Chieri are already among my characters. Just need to find Kanzaki Ranko (and perhaps Jougasaki sisters) now… ^^;


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