Recently… (KanColle, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls)

Kantai Collection

I’ve designated this October as my month of Heavy Cruisers, where I try to focus on leveling them up as much as possible. I’m on the way to Kai Ni Nachi. Ashigara will be the last one I can Kai Ni without blueprint. Choukai, Tone and Chikuma need blueprints, but I should level them up anyway so that next time I just need to get the blueprints. Then level up those without Kai Ni, preferably the ones needed in missions such as Aoba. But yeah, not sure if I can complete everyone within a month (the month is already 1/3 out of the way). Regardless, next month I should focus on a different ship type…

I’m leveling up Yamato by PvP only and so far it worked out pretty well; she’s in level 40 range now, and my resources do not seem to be in danger.

At this rate, my first marriage ship girl would be Kitakami… because she’s my other staple in PvP. I want to raise at least one ship girl to level 100 for one of the missions. But yeah, unfortunately it won’t be Fubuki like in Kankan Biyori manga series… ^^;

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Anime

So yeah, I’m touched by episode 24 T.T


It’s amazing how this episode (and others) connects all the way back to episode 1…

The next episode, episode 25, will be the last, and it will be broadcast next week. Even the official site has created a special site for it:
Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 16.04.52

When I looked at the official site, I didn’t know that Cinderella Girls is officially simulcast outside Japan via Daisuki… Even the older episodes (and the original Idolmaster) can be streamed for free (for now, at least).

Also, recently I listened to this album, which features the song Nation Blue that I like from episode 12:


What was surprising to me is that the Cinderella Girls in this album also sing covers of non-Idolm@ster songs, such as one of Naruto’s opening themes, Soukyuu No Fafner’s, one popular song which I don’t know the name (second track) and even the famous Mika Nakashima’s Yuki No Hana.

And there’s a funny drama included too. I kinda feel gratitude that I know enough Japanese to understand these things now ^^;

It’s too bad that I can’t play Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls the game itself (not the rhythm game spin-off) without Japanese phone number; there doesn’t seem to be a way to bypass this without actually living (and working) in Japan.


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