iPhone 6, Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage & Anime End

So my mom bought an iPhone 6s Plus and gave me her previous iPhone 6.

I’ve been using iPhone 5s for quite some time, so the larger screen size is nice. To give some perspective, iPhone 6 4.7″ screen size is just a tiny bit smaller than Vita’s.

And so I started playing The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage… ^^;

First off, it’s amazing they render the live performance and the girls in 3D. And there are a lot of girls too (50+). I get that they probably switch around the head and adjust the body proportions, but amazing still.

The gameplay is also very nice. It has 5 buttons, in comparison to LoveLive! School Idol Festival’s 9 buttons. At Pro difficulty, there are unique note types such as ‘slide horizontally across buttons’ and ‘swipe after hold’, which is when the experience starts to diverge from LoveLive!.

The leveling stuffs… are less simple than LoveLive!, but not significantly. The game even has Room that can be decorated/customized, which also doubles as a place to receive items in regular intervals (and a way to kill time looking at the cute idols).

The story stuffs… the scenes are longer than what I would expect from a bonus in free-to-play games. Good Japanese language practice ^^;

But yeah, after I used up my stamina, it takes a while for it to reach back full again (like 3+ hours) (much like LoveLive!).

I managed to get all the girls I like (Nitta Minami, Kanzaki Ranko, Ogata Chie). I have gotten most of the main characters from the anime (even Project Krone members) except Jougasaki Rika and Kirari (I guess they’re Rare cards…)

Juggling this with Kantai Collection might prove to be too heavy for me… ^^;

I haven’t spent money on this game yet but I think I will feel okay to do so, because of the quality (with moderation, of course).

I also watched the last episode of The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls anime. As advertised, Daisuki ‘simulcasted’ it (I didn’t check on the dot, but it was available when I tried accessing the page last night). 

The story ends well (no screw-ups this time lol) ^^ 

Unfortunately I guess this means no season 3… T.T (I guess if they were to do another Idolm@ster anime, it would be Million Live next).


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