Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, Ongoing Event

So yeah, apparently an Event started today, and will end on 27 Oct 20:59 Japan Time (8 days).

This Event is apparently this game’s second main Event ever (of this kind). The first one was focused on the Cute (pink) element, so this time it’s the Cool (blue) (and so future Event would be Passion/yellow).

It features one of my favorite Cinderella Girls songs which I even talked about in my previous post, Nation Blue:


And the Event… works just like LoveLive! main Event… (as if it wasn’t clear already that this game is based on LoveLive! School Idol Festival ^^;)

It’s hard to describe but basically you play normal songs to accumulate special points, then use these special points to play special event song, which lets you accumulate even more points. There are two versions of these points: 1) one that keeps accumulating and 2) one that you can spend on and decrease. You get 2 sets of special prizes by the end of Event depending on 1) how many points you accumulate (the first version I was talking about), and 2) your ranking range. There are 2 SR cards as main prizes, basically (and the 2 happen to be my favorite characters, Ranko and Kaede).

The ‘meta game’ of these Events is stamina management. Basically when you level up, your stamina will recover to full, even if your stamina was almost empty, and you want to capitalize on this feature to get more special points (it’s like bonus stamina). For example, you don’t want to be in a state where your stamina is almost full, you play one song and level up, and your stamina becomes full, and so the previous significant stamina before you level up is wasted.

So this meta game exists in the game even outside of Events, but during Events, it has added property that the event song doesn’t require stamina to play but special points. So you can use playing the event song as a way to manipulate when you’re going to level up. One basic strategy is to level up one last time before you stop for the day/go to sleep. This is so that in the morning you don’t experience the wasted case I described earlier.

I’m sure there’s some math behind this meta-game, but yeah, I just do rough calculations in my head… ^^;

And the optimization I described earlier is more applicable to people who don’t have a job. For people like me who do have a job, I would have to play in the morning before I go to work, then during lunchtime (if possile at all), then after work is done… ^^;

The reason I quit LoveLive! last time (I’m sure I wrote a post about it) is because I found that it was messing up with my life. And this game would be no different if I don’t moderate/set some rules to myself ^^;

And again, juggling this with KanColle… feels unsustainable, at least to me. I guess I might stop with KanColle for a while. The thing about these games (or any other game for that matter) is that nothing bad actually happens when you stop playing it (some possible deep statement here… ^^;)

As for some tips with the Event, you would want to S-rank Pro songs that require at least 16 stamina (the ‘special point per stamina’ ratio drops sharply for 15 stamina songs and below). The easiest 16 stamina Pro song to me is Never say never. If you can consistently S-rank 19 stamina Master songs, good for you ^^ For special song, I find that I can consistently S-rank the Pro difficulty, so I would stick to this instead of Master difficulty.


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